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Free Download Swaramuslim Ebooks. My Journey to Islam, Convert to Islam, Muslim Convert News, Islamophobia, Untold Story - The X files, Muslim Cleansing and Jihad, Muslim Voice, Liberatism Counter. Ebook Maker is a professional Ebook compiler software. It can compile all HTML files and their included image, JavaScript, Flash, MP3, and video files in a specific folder into a standalone .EXE file. Such file is easy to distribute via CDROM, Email, and Internet. Ebook uses Internet Explorer to display its HTML pages, so readers don’t have to install any other software to open Ebook for reading. Simple and easy to use, Ebook Maker provides a variety of features to meet any custom need which an Ebook author may have for user interface, functions, and content protection, etc. Make your own Ebook: With Ebook Maker, you can make your own Ebook, ezine, catalog, and multimedia presentation very easily within just a few minutes. All you should do is to save relevant contents as HTML files with FrontPage or Microsoft Word first, and then convert these files with Ebook Maker to make an Ebook. Thanks to the flexibility and expandability of HTML language, you may add audio, video, animation, and other multimedia contents to your Ebook. Easier reading and distribution: In contrast to a great number of HTML pages and included files, a standalone .EXE file can be distributed more conveniently via CDROM, website, or email. The author doesn’t have to worry about missing any file, and readers don’t need to install any third party software before opening an Ebook to read upon downloading. Their pleasure of reading won’t be interrupted since Ebook viewer works similar to web browsers. Sell Ebook via Internet: Ebook Maker provides different Ebook expiration mode, protection mode and password type by which the author can effectively protect his Ebook contents while he sells Ebook for profit on Internet. Ebook can also be used as an efficient Internet marketing tool to promote the author’s website. Simple and easy to use: a user with no special knowledge may easily create an Ebook within a few minutes. Supports HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Flash, and all kinds of image, audio and video files. Ebook viewer uses Internet Explorer to display HTML pages. Readers don’t need to install any third party software before reading. All features and media formats supported by HTML and Internet Explorer 4 and higher are supported by Ebook Maker. The author may choose to generate compressed Ebook, minimizing needed disc space and download bandwidth. Powerful TOC (Table of Contents) editor: The TOC of Ebook can be generated automatically with a single click. Meanwhile, author may also create and modify TOC structure simply through drag-and-drop operation and toolbar buttons. Customize Ebook user interface: authors may specify window size and window position, icon, splash screen, about dialog, and other message texts. To protect the contents of Ebook, the author may prohibit readers from copying, printing pages or viewing HTML source code. Multiple expiration modes: The author may choose Ebook to expire on a specific date, after a specific period upon the first reading, or after specific launches upon the first reading. After Ebook expires, the reader cannot access Ebook any more or is required a password to continue reading. Multiple protection modes: The reader may be asked a password to open Ebook or access specific pages. Multiple password types: Fixed password, username-based password and computer id-based password. Ebook Maker also offers password generator for the author to generate passwords in batch. No temporary file is created while opening Ebook. The extraction, reading and display of all the Ebook pages are completed in memory, achieving more security and higher processing speed. Navigation through Ebook is very easy because it looks like you are using a version of a web browser. Ebook viewer is also featured by built-in bookmark management and full-text keyword search.

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  1. Mungkinkah kita membuat aktifitas volunteer di Indonesia...!!

  2. Saya sangat senang dengan blog seperti ini, sangat membantu saya mencari ilmu dan pengetahuan dengan download gratisnya. Sukses semoga blog-blog seperti ini akan terus eksis

  3. Asalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,Artikel Islami dan unduham dari Pakdenono menambah wawasan kami untuk mengamalkannya dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.Moga-moga tetap istiqomah dalam dakwah dan jadi amal jariah. Matur nembah nuwun lan nuwun gunging pangaksami. Wasalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu. Saking Kula pun: Mu'alim ing Wawondula- Sorowako, Kabupaten Luwu Timur, Sulawesi Selatan.

  4. terimakasi semoga tulisan blog ini menjadi amal ibadah buat bapak salam knal dari saya

  5. Sudah gak bisa di download ya pakde nono...?

    1. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

    2. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  6. Asalamualaikum.

    Beberapa link di blog teman kita ini sudah ganti url, update materi download yang berasal dari swaramuslim, silahkan langsung ke TKP:
    Ebook Swaramuslim

    Terimakasih untuk admin blog ini.


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